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This is Valta

Valta is a remote energy management system that can detect unused devices, identify energy waste and notify you to help you save. Simply connect valta to your home router and you can control it on your iPhone or laptop anywhere, anytime. It also provides you with your energy usage data to help you make informed energy decisions.


Easy to Save

Valta takes the guesswork out of energy efficiency by letting you understand how each device adds up to your energy bill. The system goes beyond total consumption and shows you how much energy is used against how much is wasted. You will be better informed to make more effective energy decisions. You can also customize the display value in kWh or $ by inputting your local electric rates.


The Valta app has three scheduling options to make life easier for you. Save while you're away or asleep.

  • Schedule: have fresh coffee waiting for you every morning
  • Timer: have your dinner heated before you arrive home from work
  • Grouping: turn on or off your whole entertainment system at once

No More"Oops, I forgot!"

No more worries that you forgot to turn off devices after leaving the house. Valta detects idle devices and sends push notifications to your smartphone, which prompts you to turn off those devices. Free yourself from worries while saving energy.

Anytime Anywhere

Valta cloud ensures that all data on your iPhone and web app are in sync - any change in on/ off status or energy data update will be refreshed instantly on all screens whenever and wherever your are.

Orange Button

Valta's standby power auto detection ("Orange Button") helps you identify energy waste.

Push Notification

The use of push notification makes sure you stay on top of your energy comsumption. Be it an alert or a tip to save energy.


Valta observes your energy usage for a period of time and will then make personalized recommendations to you to help you save.

Compact Design

Valta is designed to be elegant and practical. The socket is sleek and takes up minimal space. The v-Hub will blend comfortably into any workstation setting.

Energy History

Find out how your devices consume energy on a monthly and weekly basis, or you can drill down to daily and hourly information if you desire. Your saving will grow with your insights.

Always in Sync

Valta stores your energy usage data our cloud server, which means all you get a consistent view of your status regardless of what platform you use.

Setting Valta is as easy as 1-2-3

Set Up

Press the "+" sign to view additional install guide and it will work your through the steps.

Step 1
Download App

Please download our app through the iTunes store. Create an account then sign in to begin the installation process.

Go to iTune Store.

Step 2
Connect v-Hub

Connect v-Hub to your user account.

  • Enter the MAC address.
  • Plug the v-Hub into your home router using the ethernet cable supplied.
  • Connect the power supply to the v-Hub.
  • Wait for the Blue LED turns solid blue.

Step 3
Plug-in Socket

  • Enter the Socket ID number located at the back of socket.
  • Plug the socket to your wall outlet.
  • Wait for the Blue LED turns solid blue.

Tech Spec

Valta Socket

  • Socket Standard - NEMA 5-15 (3-pronged electrical outlet)
  • Electrical rating - 120V/ 15A/ 60Hz/ 1800W
  • Power consumption - 0.6w (min.)/ 1.1 watt (max.)
  • Communication - ISM (industrial scientific and medical) frequency band
  • Material - Top graded PC, V0 (flame retardant)
  • High resolution chipset to measure standby power
  • Size - (W) 38.0mm x (H) 79.3mm x (D) 35.0mm
  • Certification - ETL/ cETL and FCC/ IC certified


  • Input power - DC 5V@1A
  • Power consumption - 1.0 watt (min.)/ 1.75 watt (max.)
  • Material - ABS, V0 (flame retardant) and PC transparent
  • Communication - ISM (industrial scientific and medical) frequency band
  • with min. 100M point-to-point signal range
  • Feature - Pair up to 16 sockets
  • Size - (W) 92.8mm x (H) 98.3mm x (D) 24.3mm
  • Certification - ETL/ cETL and FCC/ IC certifie


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We are Liricco. We have lots of great ideas on making this world a bit more efficient, and less energy dependent, and now, we are ready to show our first idea to the world. With offices in Canada and Hong Kong, we understand the importance of energy management and conservation in the modern world. Unnecessary consumption wastes money, natural resources and harms our environment. Most importantly, it is simply not cool; it just isn’t.

Enter the brave new world of home automation technologies that have been promising to change our lives for decades – Finally, we’re able to control our entire homes easily and conveniently – from your smartphone, anywhere, anytime. This is what we do. And this is what we do better than our peers.

We’re finding innovative solutions to today’s energy and environmental problems. Liricco is a start-up . We develop systems that reduce home energy consumption and save consumers money. We empower consumers with in-home tools to identify, and reign-in, the energy hogs in the home. Our secure online options let users control energy use from anywhere they can jump on the web. After all, this is the future, right? While people interact with user-friendly tools and software, we’re developed a powerful behind-the-scene system we’ve called Valta.


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